A light at the end of the tunnel: Part II

It’s about 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to be at camp right now. I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to shuck all my responsibilities and head up to the Catskill Mountains and play music with my friends and heroes for a week. I can’t stop thinking about how nice it will be to lay in a tent under a clear night sky full of stars and wake up to a catered breakfast every morning. I can’t stop thinking about Camp MMW as an escape from my reality of humid subway stations, smelly piles of garbage on city sidewalks cooking in 95 degree temperatures, angry cab drivers, and a messed up work environment here in New York City. I can’t stop thinking, so instead I write.

I think you can safely say that this city has gotten under my skin once again and it’s time for a break. The beauty of living in New York is that you don’t need a car in order to get around. For the most part, I love not owning a car. No car payments, traffic, car insurance, gas, parking fees, parking tickets etc. However, the major drawback is that when you start feeling the city getting to you, there is nowhere to go. I haven’t left the city limits since I went to visit Montauk in April. Prior to that (aside from going to Hunter Mountain for a day of snowboarding with my friend Hurricane) I hadn’t left New York City since my last vacation in September.

It’s not that I don’t love this city, I truly do. It’s just that I need a break from it about once every 3-4 months. Living amongst the energy that accompanies New York City 24/7 is enough to drive anyone insane if you don’t get away from it once in a while. I mean, this is a get-up-and-go kind of city. If you are sitting still here, you are dying. If you are not on your hustle in NYC, what’s the point of paying these rent prices? If you don’t have the energy to keep moving with the herd,  you best get out the way or else you’ll get trampled. That’s where I find myself right now. Without the energy to keep up with the herd, I find myself getting trampled (morally not physically.)

I see Camp MMW as the light at the end of my tunnel. It’s only 10 more days until I pack up my tent, sleeping bag, bass, and put my life in NYC on hold for a little while. Only 5 more shifts at work (not that I’m counting or anything) until I get to cash in on my vacation time. I can’t wait until the day arrives when Hurricane pulls up to my apartment building in his Audi and we head upstate. Until then I guess I just have to deal with my anxiety at work, commuting in the heat and humidity, and anxiously awaiting a much-needed vacation.

Just 10 more days, I know I can make it!


About campmmwblog

I've been playing electric bass for just over 17 years now. I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and have so for the last 5 years. My musical fervor and inspiration have slowed a little (which is one of the reasons I'm sooooo looking forward to Camp MMW) but since the New Year I have been experimenting heavily with writing, specifically blogging. I had the idea to document the events leading up to Camp MMW 2011. Once I found out the team at MMW Headquarters was cool with it, I set up this blog. Enjoy
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