My Journal: Part III

Day 4 – Friday

It’s late and I’m tired so I’m gonna try to keep this short. Today was amazing. Truly incredible!

Started off with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, tofu and of course that delicious Woodstock blend coffee.

Then off to ensemble with Chris. We worked more on riddims and I did very well keeping my rhythms steady. We worked on our arrangement and did a great job holding down the bass line. I borrowed Aaron’s Fender Jazz Bass for the day. It is such a nice guitar. Easy to play, great tone. I think I need to get one. I am spending a lot of time thinking about how I can politely ask to buy Peter Manning’s (a family friend)  basses for less than they are worth. I think I need an upright as well. I can try right?

Then we were off to a lunch of salad, tomato basil soup, mozzarella sandwiches and Portobello mushrooms baked with peppers and cheese melted over the top of them. Dee Lish!!!

After that I got to spend about an hour with the manager of MMW, Liz. She did a Q&A session about how to manage a band and how to get a band started in a city like NY. It was really great info and I got some really good notes from the session. Once again, she was a well of info in her field of expertise.

After that, a master class with Chris Wood on the process of finding your true, original voice. An authentic voice. Some of it was review from our workshop together but it was still very informative.

Chris’ master class was followed by Steve Bernstein’s master class which featured Carl and Ingrid Berger. It was great to hear a new voice in class, a new teacher who also knows what he’s talking about. Steve is a great bandleader.

Then came a quick jam on the porch and a few good throws with Miles and a frisbee. Our dinner featured rolled eggplants with farmer’s market vegetables and wild salmon. Dessert featured fried wontons, smothered in milk chocolate. They were very dangerous!

Next stop, a performance with Bernstein and MMW accompanied by Ingrid and Carl Berger. Amazing, once again. After that I got to jam onstage with Bernstein directing. It was great and I think I played pretty damn well. Andy and I then hung out a little, checked out the campfire, played some pool & had a nice jam w/Oscar in the cafe. I then watched some of the “Jazz Baroness” video and came in to get ready to go to bed.

As I reflect on today and this week in general, I am struck by how amazing this experience has been. As well as how truly priceless it is. The food and the lodging is nearly worth the $2,000. The contacts that I’ve made and the instruction I’ve received will serve me for the rest of my life. I mean, Steve Bernstein gave me contact for bass teacher’s in NYC and gave me permission to drop his name when I speak with them.

I begin to be saddened by the fact that tomorrow is the last, full day of camp. I cherish every moment I’ve experienced and every moment I have yet to experience. I look at tomorrow with the expectation that it will be a beautiful cherry on top of an incredibly delicious sundae!


About campmmwblog

I've been playing electric bass for just over 17 years now. I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and have so for the last 5 years. My musical fervor and inspiration have slowed a little (which is one of the reasons I'm sooooo looking forward to Camp MMW) but since the New Year I have been experimenting heavily with writing, specifically blogging. I had the idea to document the events leading up to Camp MMW 2011. Once I found out the team at MMW Headquarters was cool with it, I set up this blog. Enjoy
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