My Journal: Part II

Late Night Jam


Day 3, it’s late… 1:40am. I just finished about a half hour of jamming in the barn. I fucking love this place.

Chris leading our ensemble

The day began with a hearty breakfast of French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs and tofu. Great as usual. Next was to Ensemble with Chris. We made some great progress with our chain gang song and once again  it was a lot of fun working with Chris. We worked on Billy’s Riddims and added structure to our song.

After that it was lunch time. Chicken and gravy and some sort of delicious, vegetarian, pizza-type dish made on a baguette awaited us. And once again they had those AWESOME chocolate chip cookies.

After that I had to decide which workshop to attend. I was debating whether I should go to Chris’ or John’s since yesterday. But as it came time for me to decide, I found myself walking over to Billy’s workshop. It was great I did too. It was really cool working with him. Only 5 other musicians were there.

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with both Chris and Billy in intimate settings. We then went to the barn to listen to Billy speak about his roots and his life journey to where he is today and how his experiences have shaped him. I got to meet his parents and talk with them one on one. For me, it was very much a Billy Day. Definitely not a bad thing!

Dinner was excellent, as expected. Organic corn and potatoes, locally grown. We had baked organic chicken and BBQ baby back ribs. We also got berries and brownies for dessert.

After dinner, I got to go for a short run and eplore the grounds here at Full Moon. Also got to throw a football around for awhile. I enjoyed the excercise. We then went to the barn to watch the “World Premiere” of the Radiolarians DVD. It was

Hummus Reception

introspective as to how this band creates. The film was great and afterwards the band asked for tons of criticism as to how they could make it better. We then got a cheese, fruit and hummus reception with the band and their crew. I then watched someone light a fire with not matches or lighter which I had never seen before.

After that some nice fire side talks and some film from a Ray Charles performance in the 60’s, I tried to get to bed but was lured into a sick jam by the sounds of music erutpting from the barn. That jam is still rockin strong and it’s almost 2am. Who knows how late it will go?

The moon is just about full and the stars are shining bright in a cloudless night sky. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I fucking love this place!


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I've been playing electric bass for just over 17 years now. I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and have so for the last 5 years. My musical fervor and inspiration have slowed a little (which is one of the reasons I'm sooooo looking forward to Camp MMW) but since the New Year I have been experimenting heavily with writing, specifically blogging. I had the idea to document the events leading up to Camp MMW 2011. Once I found out the team at MMW Headquarters was cool with it, I set up this blog. Enjoy
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