Weeping Willow at Full Moon

So, I ended up not going to the MMW concert in Central park this Saturday. I was ready and I was pumped for it but mother nature had different plans for me.  It was grey, rainy and overall a very shitty day. As much as I wanted to grind it out and be the hardcore music fan I used to be, I decided to stay in on this one. The idea of sitting of a patch of wet grass in the middle of Central Park while getting rained on didn’t seem like the greatest idea (even if I got to see some great music while I was at it.)

While at my apartment in Greenpoint Brooklyn, I sat there contemplating “should I stay or should I go?” I decided to stay in when I thought of how much time I will be spending with these guys in 7 weeks and how much music I will get to see them play in much more intimate settings than the summer stage at Central Park. It was then that I realized getting soaked in the rain to see them play a set was not really worth my Saturday evening. Instead, I stayed indoors and watched the movie True Grit with my girlfriend and her son. (Jeff Bridges is my favorite actor!)

I have been keeping up with my practicing and am slowly developing my calluses again. If I can stay disciplined at my practice schedule I think I should be more than ready by for a hardcore week of playing by July 31st.  Now, even though it’s only 9:45am here, I think it’s time to go practice some bass. My neighbors may not like it but screw ’em, they should be at work anyway!


About campmmwblog

I've been playing electric bass for just over 17 years now. I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and have so for the last 5 years. My musical fervor and inspiration have slowed a little (which is one of the reasons I'm sooooo looking forward to Camp MMW) but since the New Year I have been experimenting heavily with writing, specifically blogging. I had the idea to document the events leading up to Camp MMW 2011. Once I found out the team at MMW Headquarters was cool with it, I set up this blog. Enjoy
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