Welcome Everyone….

Well Everyone, today was the day. Today was the final day for applications to Camp MMW 2011. However, if you turn in your application tomorrow, claiming how inspiring my blog was to you, and how you feel you NEED to be a part of this experience, I’m sure that they would accept it a day late.

I first attented Camp MMW in 2009. That was only the second year of the camp’s existence and it was one of the best weeks of my life.  When I first heard about the opportunity, I was shocked that such a thing even existed. I had only seen them in concert a few times prior to Summer of 2009 but I had seen enough to know how incredibly talented each and every member of the band is.  When I heard that I could spend a week in upstate New York, being fed catered meals three times a day by a fantastic chef, while taking private classes with the members of the band, I expected a five-figure price tag to come with it. Surpisingly, it was much less than I expected and I got my application together within two days.

Let me just say this now, once and for all: The tuition, meals, room and board are worth EVERY PENNY! The experience of being in a learning environment like this, with such amazing people, and the ability to see MMW perform with incredible guests in a room with less than 100 people and the experiences you will take away from this – are truly priceless.

This is the video they made from the footage from Camp MMW 2009:

Last summer, as bad as I wanted to  return, I didn’t have enough vacation time or money to make my trip to Spain happen as well as attend Camp MMW 2010 (tough choice, I know.) However, this year I could not let the opportunity pass me by. In addition, they have included a “camping option,” in which instead of staying in the rooms at the Full Moon Resort, you can bring your own tent and sleeping bag and attend all meals and camp activities for nearly 50% less. This year I went with the camping options as much as I enjoyed the cozy rooms at Full Moon in my previous experience.

So this year I make my return. Beware all you campers out there, Colin the Bassman is making his return and I will be doucumenting every aspect of this year’s Camp MMW event. From today until long after camp ends, I will describe the effects of the experience. In the 7 weeks leading up to Camp, I will be sharing my photos, videos and memories from my encounters in 2009 as my emotions as the date rapidly approaches.

If you have attended previous years, are attending this year for the first time or simply are an MMW fan, I strongly encourage you to share your own photos, videos and memories from any experience you have shared in with the brilliant musicians (in no particular order) John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood.




About campmmwblog

I've been playing electric bass for just over 17 years now. I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and have so for the last 5 years. My musical fervor and inspiration have slowed a little (which is one of the reasons I'm sooooo looking forward to Camp MMW) but since the New Year I have been experimenting heavily with writing, specifically blogging. I had the idea to document the events leading up to Camp MMW 2011. Once I found out the team at MMW Headquarters was cool with it, I set up this blog. Enjoy
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9 Responses to Welcome Everyone….

  1. Scott Jones says:

    This is exciting stuff, man! It will be cool to document how much this program can impact you during the lead-up and actual time you’re there. Can’t wait to see how it goes. 🙂

  2. Hey Colin, baby. To all the uninitiated — let’s just put it this way — this will be my 3rd year at camp. I’m coming back, yet again, because nothing in my life compares to the experience of musical flow, challenge and joy, and just pure FUN of CampMMW. Meet great minds, hear great music, play play play play play!!!!! I am traveling the whole month of July in Europe, will be home in CA for 3 days before turning around and heading to Camp in upstate New York. Crazy? Yes. Worth it? ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY.

  3. Doug says:

    Stoked for another year!
    So much to learn… So many people to meet… So many cool things to discover…
    Such a great time!!

  4. Hurricane says:

    Great post, Colin! I, too, will be making my return to camp MMW this year, after first attending in 2009. The gifts of that experience have been so bountiful, I am almost giddy with anticipation for this year’s camp.

    I’m psyched that you, and Doug and Erika will all be at camp, and also anticipating making some new friends!

  5. Looking forward to this great experience. Coming from toronto and may be willing to share the ride with another camper.

  6. Hey guys, I won’t be seeing you this year, but I can still hear the Jams, the trickling creek, the drawl of Billy’s voice, the excitement of seeing a wild bear, the chef’s announcements for dinner, the clinking of glasses at the bar in the main performance hall, the voices of doubt that turned to sounds of confidence, new grooves, amazing energy and great new friends. I’ll be there in spirit. The first solo performance in front of you guys and MMW still remains one of my biggest ‘leap over the edge’ experiences of my life; I’ll never forget it.

    Cheers, Dean.

    • campmmwblog says:

      Dean, as always, you will be missed. I’m still planning on a trip to Australia in the next 5-10 years and I don’t think I could go there without swinging down to Tasmania and see my friends there. I’ll talk to you soon!

  7. Dean, I’ll never forget your first solo performance either. In the barn, in the heat, you got up there with nothing but your hands, your body (on which to drum), and your fabulous voice and TORE THE BUILDING DOWN!

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